Marketing is about producing culture around a brand. Then driving that full speed into the world.

Oh, hi there.

Oh, hi there.

I'm Olin. I'm named after my parents favorite set of snow skis and grew up in Southern California.

I have an undeniable curiosity of the outside world around me. It inescapably carries over into everything I do, including my work.

I aspire to produce a culture around every brand I work with, and to combine that with my experience in ecommerce.

My Professional Work

I originally got into web production and marketing because I wanted to see my ideas be realized. That has since evolved into a robust career in directing my own multi-national organization called ISLA, and helping brands with their ecommerce and marketing initiatives. I consider myself first and foremost a business person who incorporates story-telling, vision and a strong background in technology to bring ideas to life.

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My Professional Work

Marketing is about creating an experience. Ecommerce is about meeting your customer where they shop. Unparalleled success is combining the two to work together.

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If you think we'd work well together, then let's have a chat. You can download my resume here.


Responsible for collaborating with cross-functional partners to manage all aspects of the eCommerce business including, business planning, content strategy and development, promotional campaigns and other online marketing, website design, customer service, financial reporting, forecasting, web analytics and web technologies.

Oversee a company’s marketing direction. Ensure a team is effectively promoting the company and its merchandise and targeting the correct and appropriate audience in consumer campaigns, online campaigns and brand campaigns. Work to keep the teams motivated and encourage creativity and innovation.

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Check out my Resume

Some testimonials:

  • “I whole-heartedly recommend Olin Patterson as a very strong facet to any team. I worked with him on several projects at Command Mass, and he is a person of rare vision, drive and proficiency. As a project management, he took on many hats that were outside his job description, and adapted to some of the most demanding conditions. He knows how to carry a lot, and exudes extraordinary grace under pressure.”

    Chris Ballard, Art Director at Facebook
  • “Olin has demonstrated exemplary skills in handling clients, communicating with his team and multi tasking in a very complex and deadline driven environment. He vetted external resources to handle overflow projects to achieve scale and was able to manage those resources located all over the world effectively.”

    Gary Brewer, President Digital Eye Media
  • Olin has great insight, vision and creativity.. all of which aided in the production of incredible projects and in being a great asset to our team. He is also an eloquent and direct speaker, and able to communicate the many facets of each project clearly to our clients, while staying within the budgets, timelines and schedules he would set.

    Kanate, Senior Web Developer at Experian
  • “Olin has been a fearless leader of our brand, website, and marketing.  He has transformed our brand identity and website from a small local operation, to the beginnings of a nationally recognized brand.  Most importantly, he embodies the ultimate values of being a Gearcooper as a climber, skier, sailor and everything in between.”

    Terry Lee, CEO of Gear Coop

Some brands I've worked with